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Working Hard, Giving Back

Jacky Teplitzky may spend most of her time cutting million-dollar real estate deals.Teplitzky has her own team of hand-picked real tors who work under something that's unusual In the residential real estate business.

deals, but this Upper East Sider still finds time to give back to the community.

"I didn't grow up in an environment of affluence," she said. "So the way I look at life is, I'm in good financial standing right now, I have to give back to the community."

Teplitzky, who is married with two children, was born in Santiago, Chile. When she was 10, her parents moved to Israel, and Teplitzky served a compulsory stint in the Israeli army. She trained new recruits, teaching them discipline and how to adjust to military life.

Her first profession was in the tourism industry, one that taught her the market

ing and networking skills she would need as a broker. She traveled the world mar keting Israel as a leisure destination. She ended up taking another job based in Spain that then relo cated her to the U.S. She was supposed to stay six

months; instead, she ended up building her life here, though not in the tourism industry. "My sixth year I hit the glass ceiling," she said, "and the question was what's next for me?"

At the time, she said, she was getting and looking for a new apart ment. The industry hooked her. "I met a lot of people in the real estate industry, and I said, (his must be an interesting ..and there must be something in these high-rise buildings people are making money out of," she said.

She quit her job and ventured into

unknown territory, a commission-based one, at that. "Everybody thought I was insane," she said, "but I felt that I could do business in a different way than any body else."

Today, Teplitzky is a seasoned agent and an oxecutive vice president at Prudential^ Douglas Elliman. She's the company's num- Der Tour broker in New York City and among the top 100 nationwide. Teplitzky has her own team of hand-picked realtors who work under something that's unusual in the residential real estate busi ness, Teplitzky's team closes deals all over Manhattan, but most of her work is on her home turf, the Upper East Side.

The broker has also become involved with faith-based projects and children's charity. "I always say you have to get involved in charities you can relate to," she said. She chose to work with the United Jewish Federation, she said, to give back to Israel. She's also supports the Pajama Program, an international charity that gives new pajamas to needy or abused kids.

Teplitzky could just write a check, but she doesn't.

"I really believe you have to be hands on," she said.

And where some parents might want to shelter their kids from the harsher realities

First-Place Winner:

Jacky Teplitzky

Jacky Teplitzky says everyone thought she was 'insane' when she quit her job in the tourism business to pursue real estate.

of life, Teplitzky believes charity work is crucial part of growing up.

"When kids grow up on the Upper East Side, sometimes they have the mispercep- n'on that everyone lives like that," she said.

Teplitzky's children, who are 8 and 12, help with the Pajama Program, reading to the lads, organizing holiday parties and donating pajamas. "I think the whole charity really taught them that they have to under stand what's going on around them," she said. .



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